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tv   Today  NBC  March 23, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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,-bmac.l tnd morepw.errom ss ta nles,ile nd t ha, live n rocll > g er. lc"t ons day rng, 23rd da t i jus h you brr. >>roittae os"fulr ho"wnal t t" liloughlin. you pickedut our jam. >> thi song will be in m head rest of the day. >> it's catchy.
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>> "cake by t ocean." >> i all youeed the know. >> you'r so by. oierier h rk clshet," a mystery se e mysty." >>o keetraig? ow it aarohhere you ar l tjuopp. mit tereou. owoou kphi fare of use,mark. yo oande're lucky he nkmuch. it'sn amg. th recti ffullerhas en off the chts. "wls t art, ware ingve weethes. o,have are fae rdie werynigh heber twon
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al fiif z "when tart,ll takeveritter. hais i a people o ve>> "en cls isriieceis ta i pwobiann. meet herhest se, l her husband a soninindent. it' arting ai. in thirdon a re p opng a ch oh s gratsh not jwon. . it a a forg yrroblems sh. s y y y. k i iouven't. iou'lljoy >> house19 "f hous haseeed upnoon
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>>onesith . itenasbi winundad m thgs. hen y t't.di it >> ihinke s. atosli andst e whohi ns coo actoig no tnkwasct waytoriback.'s aspin swit eod derbasher. t he beki' sthow? re self-fficnt. thkyis's le ng c omsvesod. us t dadshm theme >> we sicre g ge
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son s. >> beaif mi. >>istaving 16 17d? >>shsutes sunshin every o ly shower me whs ss 'sfantas >> ws lramah e tnir ie >> doe't what i y. stasting m ht kouot i iving advice abou soing,ndsback,e to y. e - , dele dee leaedhoug reotlwounow sh the etithpoint, re whaee t y. oung genern uses w er ll sen pra a notet just yes.
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>> w i' nound. >>'l it csrowbk? oh >> t a this pictur >> jn ss goi ht a plate o t'>>t dny.hrowbawe mrv f. nk pas tak is? tctur me, wit ihe"t" . l behapp >> mbe payback fn .ck wed lo a t cl. ,! -h>>ery c ipss. leenroaan
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daise ael me t. >> emrrassing or 's forife f >>hat aring. tt renge fm jn >>owigvo rng >>be 'd'd nd b the rlwn u, . ow owas. d'tow oneaembeng >>outaun >> melin w start yte soap hedgfnight." that was threendf s. y u me of ip
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is me,s amovi riet jone" iik. >> wur gli oe lm. etba." at'sna.rese,sre,rth, sey. remont. ieaor i rhi >>ingurt wa iteir e. >>hang to lly fuembe 16 in 's mhthd that's hday k i l tha nerrgety ft >> neve arby's f lilimeif tby's >> ieayingound. bo .
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produce aha r seel you'deo t ben ogy,hi s at thtso mu. i ack. >> i tha le story? lmurr tre ygo enitetonks inyti dy 'dikeo "prty ma here aheyw? inky're m f >> me wasotin" a acly rot ours. reldbe iove tu t'shebe >> bes cfilm iflie alehethy, , no
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"dierdidaymoe? ts holick. m h agrees. "the da >>haisgood. >>eron samerybu thappe ace wsnike pus? itiopp >> i w hope' he litterfuppihere. tl disa e ctures picat ou thers at that' a do c brre dog t. s oer say t g b50nd pceedo aneled >> st. >> lutwn
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>> me bica e'hebe shlwese iictome. m messes. do an ve fun p ri mee d >>stor ween a many th sso noatre intspring we talkingbonoto everthy. e s throude e lizzd oundgsnect00 locati have ndreng visibility eoi tnd, ci o ow eswin. th'srese rvi ban of thinto wars lingn t smaarea you t out,e' seethe snowro ioux e sth
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he tr. o yourghte a youteh al >>li. she's d e
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>> durirector go a overilowrom adventures suchs the "st "elsenob do,"he camul,li e uge.">> hsc a rnist aempt to ioapth musiut ing m ict tned i'dher ht rds,? ny >> tte ght.
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dec. >>t? g iilth >>l n th bla ar >> davow o hck. journast lifetart li. heds miles d f l he coop- caaterfti, milesav eam musice, i fary he fikef erend sthe s carnd on ac sopreteno aurnalimol e" ganehouge' snono heendio be >>heracter o, rit? . mean aor -- supp ty d f
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but craer i re ,ah ithat gethe set u a meet yr a th actual >> it'sbaas. mas reay as cl'd li o a motoycle t mein iet d o twi and i rely likeims aac a. an t iold ith . ome o m tk abo it in mng itoe wh sa,l ke the motor a quk i ot m m w wa rng and we, f did i uto>> was so w art i
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lt hs mat my hou he'se. ha tn artie. . wbarras wikki n are iwa mire oingecd b a yoorkiit lot m. dence. dte fm rentlyha ao actin r ieaot watc don how he tkled heas sml aboit 's v ver - i in mes touomy c tidf th monitor. u ebody thaeu. akoul more inciny. t ice. ith me,ou a , edge >> >> t motorcycl de cut,
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ng throu yourorning ithing ne introdg rhinort alspra from the makers of zyrtec . powerful relief from nasal allergy symptom l l gh y ne y spy. raise your hands in the air because the club is open. a little hump day pop fix. now put your hands down. one of the most infamous sports stories is going to be on the big screen. tonya, top-ranked athlete and, of course, we know her career
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rival nancy kerrigan, which happened one month prior to the 1994 winter olympic games. while there is no word on who might play nancy kerrigan, margot is producing the movie and looking for an actress. huge year, starring in two highly anticipated movies this summer. "the legend of tarzan," and i can't wait for "suicide squad." talk about a dream duet. katy perry and dolly parton are expected to perform a medley of dolly's classics. katy could barely contain her excitement, tweeting, my prayers have been answered. i am but one sequence on this living legend's costume. >> might be one of the best tweets of the day. it'll be a big night for dolly. she's receiving an award for her
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based on her childhood in tennessee. you can catch them at the acm awards on april 3rd. we're excited about that. how about these dance partners? channing tatum and his wife jenna are teaming up for an unnamed dance competition show airing on nba. jenna will be a judge and mentor, while channing will executive produce the show. no word if the "magic mike" star will bust moves on camera. we can only hope. it's a return to their roots. they met co-starring in the 2006 hit "step up." yes, they did. the movie also launched both of their careers. i'm thinking, since my club never has anybody in it to dance, what if lori loughlin decided to be my dance -- oh, look at those moves. >> yeah.
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rge dagg w gdlaornadoespo. mo, we'll w natur onout il l attry and stron satwer. mr? >> t ydy > sak gs , t rnoon areooofoow re to hel a ioleirec omoodpiga. o e ooo e yo
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thera.>> l yauh f . cos doll do um. iwork? i llin is laut us >> sheov . amary w ishostasselle nctiable ande. he cs. yes,heterpro >>ro onethucre >>er >>e. at'scu nnow how erikes theseda? >>t. >> iory >> th is fu, tamron. we an arin outersr, sur rp aveerhese nav
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prs the heas- le bit- !ygosh! >> sh i'mokay. uerhappen ot ltly. atin show back morning. youy wh sanannigans can wctpl d't kgian geteoo think thereg azy day.eyve uf one cred e o'el y o ige evused? heovel sioutely ldqu
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we didatad l f pn th as gr >> ateoanba in mo? rm , w i wa goion st' tmeet tse th s me pagic hdgh ise this the f rig his is a ea. ha ds tha me? slowtnd . you sethme so'.
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ote caprsootief an hee albieoe wh suer from ut >> h fbipe
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>> a ong girl o trafficngin at sheo freeck mo weng coalk,ms ao. who sit >> this is about yng girlhokedm alow n an othe iat humanngion gloindu the f g black mt industries the sale of children for the sex ad >> this film is based on a true story. >> yeah. >> ofte these pple think they're trading the cren to being a housekeeper or what? >> usuallyf they need extra come for their - jtithin their family, sometim they can be coerced to sending their ch away in order to make money, in order to bring e
9:51 am
trfickasoldhe oty t see ch hild gngra aaid tend then and ais >> yla.sotograph. isct on>>ased o humitarogerke f myeenng erey est areet a mlionla inld da wo iluding i e lwaington, ew. tmegt to w in slavy. chara in h , s e up of lal lawenrcoo adns br a tsl and many o wre edth
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d aerna h, t h ofhi lm,y thebj mnd h the sushin around erl el uabt gn >>s campaignoai a get en i itetned irenare etepo e age o 16 ty have seoftrcked. nort to just k soolsod,y caaveeducn, bet. t ho to yeah >>t'otus . it ock. everyls on mng jersrk,to atinany yea latewelly
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we bigac >> wean tlori >> lori lori love her
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kotb liv ftudio i r pl>> yb weweday. h atledshirt. hav a sho three ty aw goo t uut t rol bng t he i fates. oowa yo t toel aal tte n o m criblef rl ihe e. fran th oftein t wor tarol sn "tuck everlaing" out a family that les. >> forever. and is headed to bray. alsorrg a wonderful guy namedichael parks, a beautiful cast.
10:01 am
of her -- nope. you, you might get glimpse of you behind us when she sings. maybe's downai be y iour b urmeer >> itf. are gea for of >> go. cinai let me do n. agavin t stre owh donavhe reth 's b theel how aboutat e yoadig night. unda y b hishing cdhe dreams. crle ho hehallenlhar comrom holess. 's opportutyor to show their tts'roi tod abi iotlyo
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yoo and ahog microphin yet to yowhenou tow ti y to es c - th two g ngth theef illf ribs wusth we sethe ere cfu a i c wait untihe upon rh.'s goi g. >> we in s le ofthis? >>id spi t. >>le lastar a i wn. >> i didn' any. - bro the w a tpe
10:03 am
ou t wg. y that was certa wth it okgist >>ok ke if dwood,ac andow t paest cpp ou fay in a $50 o. sokt' ad rike rightle d o his prison r 1 d he's >>ounds likeooea ap ] s thensnk the penalty is iculs aer extingwain fid ttsou thav
10:04 am
eesometh d go to f days d has team ho f chge >>t's g bheni fthis. 'rdeng ihoul bt lleg aul a p >> we'reus ain sho be -->>no ts iought. >> nou're >>o.i in sd ss ! >> y ate and g jailr dot. t ttto >>ennedye aothe bo i'ive >> no, don't gme. >>f sebods goi killedauy' te aoo 'rit ttheyo asngom,
10:05 am
itusmedyoiumre ming t his i idea tingnge >> whenalty? >> t w the on he rson irequente o us wy thal sa,5s einged. t w a and youe p odon'. ngn doinit >>ctly welled wot o >> tha w w o vi la don mng >>t'usteb texng and lkg. >> if i seb yed ll,ld aihe f yrody was nor5 job ldt>> wou iedeveragain.
10:06 am
mot aomimpoan dno . dmaer. 'san wouldn'dole i i n't seen'm s ihi iuchan wtut >>an wee one st ne because ihit' goinost >>hest we kws shouldt begal t t lkin >>ndo l. > bto ever tm>>his is stasnned tt l a bit w right thi'mrry. kee ten stt? l ken t? bi? alght.
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awllyit to beoexte lookaylo s ds wit wde tit t kni' ts ngongtime.veev heing charituf somebodyet p foroi what youuldo ich ay o nd be kd them nousds . ,000 factat h neath. b at or ncntinue k tse of kaaugh pi ank sfrom nce bring t as aisf thing. >> nmoy. vi t geheir m it a g ppthatin ytoue alragreed suldo the picrwds. ts n . opoveoul s
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y them ght.ou'v in the for a lend th tst lik atat d yaveodo what t egis- y i was doinig egis i d i 20ea ge ore allhe op aaiti seu,ou u ow if y'rorngn ll bring in t hh eroesn'tn w got a mhat' wha workior yo eecay h >> theompaacta w gaze these th st wecury su thed thereome cuuehaced toce t mt a eendnut e ita that saie dte heai wws in
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hered.stju a mothe l t veimg le ither bus going tn >>ndnknyeas be aou bor ie i pn and me yoake on painou i le >>hidiffer er gd ang to s and things tha eire for sicki. a differein 'sal abo after sh eumheir prim, i ink. th tt m. hasng b lot.i peetbu >s going to help the bridesoo e rro.nnifolre uthen thi sn' kow seheatmau wandow
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id y. ta heri ie bathroom yr bril b hden.arheou ont of yoickp t bri y bagr dress fm ac he bri undut hrgh t beo rognizem qukly aomhi thelaordo y'r imy undthelaic c a fur go. eadyet bac your s dtaserha you'ret. lt uen. >> $59.95.
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baby cousin's gonna love thatt sh oh my and ga allightedie we're a make same this i wiarahere. , mo the st mom ine don'waysfromcookbook look who's joini y ea. they ce om trt. find lows every day onh fo for youeaer meal. lmt. actor jeremy piven has played quite the range of actors throughout his career. and a hot headed agent on "entrour raj", three emmy awards
10:16 am
>> one of jeremy's personal favorite, is a successful department store owner from the "mr. self ridge." take a look. >> why didn't you ask me to your club? >> i like to meet people here. >> to let them in. would they say not here, not one of them? >> they would let you in if you were with me. when i first came here to london i was an outsider. and they called me a shop keeper. it wasn't a compliment. i know what it's like to have doors not open for you. you have to fight. but sometimes you can pick the wrong fight. >> yeah. >> so he was indian, right? skbr e skbr >> yes, indeed. experiencing racism. and the great thing about harry is he had a big heart and loved everyone.
10:17 am
it is our last season. it's the kind of thing where we knew we were going to do four from the beginning. it's different than in the states. in the states here you do a pilot and it's the great unknown. over there you have a finite amount of time to do it. >> in fact around the world this particular show is shown in how many countries in the world? >> 165 countries. and it's just been such a massive hit overseas. >> i don't know if you expected that when you first came on with us to talk. >> i did expect that. i'm very delusional by nature. >> it's such a unique story. >> it is a unique story but i think that everyone is fascinated with costume drama and a simpler time. you guys were talking about texting. everyone is on their phones and no one is really connecting with each other. this is a way to go back to a time when if you wanted to see someone you had to go to their
10:18 am
face as opposed to be hiding behind something. >> out of all of the characters you play, i've heard you say this is your favorite. what is it about this character? >> he's fascinating. the real harry selfridge was amazing. he invented shopping. he was such a professional during the day and was a leader that led through example and love. at night he gambled and kind of went off the rails. u you look for the dualialties to play because they're fun to play. >> when you're shooting something like this in london -- we've talked to actors who have shot here and it seems like there are 17 million talks and it takes forever. when you shoot something in london, is it down and dirty?
10:19 am
>> down and dirty, yeah. >> i listened to what you did about this. >> no. over there they are overprepared. they're really, really great to work with. i grew up in the theater and over there everyone is kind of from the theater. we were all kind of -- everyone works hard and they're not pretentious, they have fun and play. >> great sense of humor. i didn't realize you grew up in the theater. so there's a lot to this guy. >> many layers. >> a lot of layers. >> many many layers. >> germany piven if that's your real name. congratulations.
10:20 am
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[ normal voice ] only from centurylink. speed may not be available in your area. call now. it's wine day wednesday. we're ready to play the weekly trivia game who knew. if you hadn't heard "my big fat greek wedding 2" opens in theaters this weekend. tomorrow we're throwing a wedding here on "today."
10:30 am
knowledge of famous on-screen weddings. hoda is across the street at 30 rock ready to hand out $100 to those who answer the questions quickly and her book to those who don't. here to help me out, chief correspondent at fandango. award season is over. you can breathe. we'll go over to hoda. >> you're first? >> i am np. >> what's your name? >> ashley. >> where are you from in. >> lake land florida. >> >> the wedding singer which first class passenger helps unite adam sandler and drew barrymore on a plane? >> i'm going to say c. >> so sad. so sad. >> who was it? >> it was billy idol. remember he common deers the pa
10:31 am
encourages adam sandler to sing. one of his big songs was "white wedding." >> i remember that. back to you. >> what's your name? >> hailey. >> you're from. >> harrisburg,arkansas. >> this is a picture clue. look at the picture. identify this 2008 movie which stars katherine heigl as a chronic bridesmaid. >> "27 dresses." thank you. >> not even a moment's hesitation on that. >> yeah, the height of her popularity on "grey's anatomy." the title refer to the fact that she was a bridesmaid 27 times. in this movie her sister is getting married to the man she secretly loves. >> she's a doll. >> great access. >> terrific in "knocked up" too. the movie. >> go, hoda. >> what's your name? >> debbie fernandez. >> where are you from in. >> oceanside, california.
10:32 am
here we go np the julia roberts movie "my best friend's wedding" what classic song is featured in both the restaurant and wedding reception? it is midnight train to georgia, i say a little prayer for you or "close to you"? >> i'm going to say b. >> okay. hoda. it's not i-hoda day. >> i would like to hear you sing it. yeah, a song that was made popular by deon warwick. what an amazing song writing. 30 years later the song lives on and has such great moments. >> and austin powers did a lot of theirs too. one more. >> e my name is heather. >> you're from? >> jefferson, maryland. >> identify -- this is a
10:33 am
ends with a bride riding a bus. anybody? >> "the graduate". >> "the graduate." yes. >> mike nichols directed that. >> and the movie that made dustin hoffman is huge star. classic movie ending. >> kids today think that paul newman was the guy that does the food. >> 50-year anniversary of that movie next year. >> i wish you wouldn't have said that. >> do we have time for one more? >> so, we don't. i'm sorry. >> we don't? >> we're going to leave a little time for frank, okay? >> bye faelicia. >>burg any trip to the holy when my chronic pain got bad, my doctor prescribed medication-an opioid. it really helped!
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10:41 am
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10:42 am
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10:43 am
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>> the citi concert series on "today" is proud lu presented to you by citi. >> a three-time tony nominee starred in some of the best of broadway from finding neverland to mama mia and our skound lows. we're talking on our good friend karl lee carmelo. she's getting ready to bring a beloved classic in "tuck everlasting". >> she's going to sing my most beautiful day for us. you're going so see some of your photos as she's sing in the back. you've been working on this for a long time. >> on and aefr for six or seven years and we did an out of town tryout and workshops and labs.
10:49 am
previews start march 31st. >> i'm going to bring sissy spacek and hoda woman on opening night. here she is, the most unbelievable woman in the world. love you honey. every grown woman who stands at a mirror remembers one beautiful day ever every girl past her time knows the day and time she looks most exquisite and she will revisit the day,
10:50 am
rest of her life my most beautiful day part of me dancing and everything fell into place my hair tied like so with a blackberry bow, a night in november that i will remember, remember, remember the day my most beautiful day for the rest of my life each memory a sweet melody your heart clings to, with each passing time, what time takes away the heart makes new
10:51 am
it's something to look forward to your most beautiful day for the rest of your life love unlike beauty, your dresses or dances won't wrinkle or thicken with time to be loved you will learn it's to love in return, find someone you care for and prepare for, prepare for, prepare for the day
10:52 am
for the rest of your life your most beautiful day for the rest of your life >> beautiful. >> wow. >> carol lee, nobody better. >> so it opens soon. >> that was beautiful. >> love you. >> thank you for having me.
10:53 am
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>>is. >>s ae rn tmainnamele. omhe comehe. pp. yite >> y the >> c ie twonoce if yem pherleasetolg andhoda . reayuc fi cdl are e. i goioov tom "tod"s thrg a big fat wedding. he cand >>e . have toojo. >> a ss >> everyhave ty workitththe t mh who mak s h e sing dndaz to thas wh we le abo
10:57 am
pyday. >> aerance ot goit to wush tworides reathekeovers?
10:58 am
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>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." >> my daughter, christina, disappeared almost two years ago. >> dr. phil: enrique insists he didn't enter the parking garage with christina. but surveillance video showed he did. you've pled with this family. >> i've gotten on my hands and knees to ask your son to tell the truth. >> dr. phil: what do you think has happened to her? >> she was probably murdered.
11:00 am
time you've ever said that out loud? >> announcer: plus -- >> did mark kill his son? >> announcer: a breaking update with a shocking twist. >> dr. phil: you're being sued by mark. >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, i'll count you down. >> dr. phil: i try to be an emotional compass and point you in the right direction. >> five, four -- >> dr. phil: i'm not giving up on you. [cheers & applause] >> dr. phil: thanks very much. thanks very much. [applause] its a story that made national headlines. a beautiful outgoing free-spirited 23-year-old woman who loved photography, vanished


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